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online bail bonds in Billings Montana
Alec Spensieri

Alec Spensieri

Online Bail Bonds in Billings Montana

Acquiring online bail bonds in Billings, Montana has never been any easier. Bail City Bail Bonds has redesigned the way people can secure bail by bringing the bail bonds business into modern day times.
online bail bonds in Billings Montana

Acquiring online bail bonds in Billings, Montana has never been any easier. Bail City Bail Bonds has redesigned the way people can secure bail by bringing the bail bonds business into modern day times. People ask, why is this such a big deal? Everything is done online nowadays. Thats unfortunately not the case for the bail industry. 

Why do many bail bonds agencies not offer online bail bonds in Billings, Montana?

Many agencies have not made the client experience any easier due to the fact the owners of most bail agencies are old timers and are stuck in their ways on how the bail process is completed. Bail bondsman deal in the criminal element so having a face to face conversation with someone can make any suspicion of false information go away or get confirmed. At the end of the day having to travel to the bail agents office, (usually downtown) fight with trying to find a park space, then having to wait for inmate to get released is time that can be spent elsewhere.  We think differently at Bail City Bail Bonds! We want this to be easy and convenient for our clients. 

What has Bail City Bail Bonds done to simplify the bail bonds process?

The short answer is simple we digitized our documents and uploaded them to our bail bonds software and we were off to the races. We wanted more than that, we wanted the entire user process to be digital and online. Some may ask what more is there other than signing papers? Below is a step by step guide on what we did to make this process that normally took an hour or two into twenty five minutes or less. 

1. You have found us online and next step of action is to connect with us either by live chat or by calling us. Calling typically is the most common and faster method. 

2. Once you have contacted us we explain our online bail bonds process in addition to explaining on how bail works and our prices. 

3. You will receive our online bail application through text message or email because this step is easiest to do on a mobile device that has a camera attached to it. The bail application takes under a minute and collection necessary data for us to underwrite the bail bond such as photo of income verification and photo of drivers license for co-signer. We also collect the person in the Yellowstone County Jail name and date of birth to confirm bail amounts and charges.

4.Once bail agents have confirmed bail amounts and got you approved with the insurance company, our team of expert bail bondsman will collect payment for the bail amount over the phone. It’s as simple as ordering a pizza and giving your credit card and getting a confirmation number. 

5. Now that payment as been made the bail bonds agents have started the paperwork you will need to fill out on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Doing this process on a bigger screen can speed up the completion process but definitely still achievable on a smaller screen such as an iPhone or an Android smart phone. Most bail bonds done are  on a standard bail bond agreement. This is also know as a signature bond. These documents will include extended application, bail bonds contracts, privacy notice, and premium receipt. 

6. Once all bail docs have been e-signed the bail agent will travel to the jail and complete the process and inform you of next court date once bail has been posted.

We believe this is the most efficient way to secure bail bonds in Billings Montana! If we haven’t sold you with our process we would like to say we forgot to mention this can all be done for the sofa in your living room at you house.

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