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Alec Spensieri

Alec Spensieri

The Difference Between Bail Premium and Bond Collateral

One of the most common question as bail bondsman we hear is, can I use a car title for the bail bond? Sometimes bail bonds agencies use car titles for some extra skin in the game from the signers to guarantee the defendant makes all the court dates. This is not used as payment but used as security on the bail bond.

What is Bail Bonds Premium?

Bail bond premium is what you pay a bail bondsman to put up the entire bail amount at the county jail or courthouse. This payment is used to pay the insurance company that underwrites the bail bondsman’s bonds he or she may post. This money is also commission for the posting agent so he or she has incentive to post the bail. The remainder of the money is used for bail bond agencies costs such as forfeitures, advertising and office rents ect.

What is Bail Bond collateral?

Bail bond collateral is used in addition to the bail bond premium to secure a bail bond. Sometimes when bail is set at a large amount, bail bonds companies need to take collateral such as deed of trust on a house, car titles, or jewelry. Another reason why collateral may be required is if indemnity is insufficient due to the fact the defendant has history of missing court dates.

Property Bond

Property bonds have been less and less attractive with judges that set the bail. We are unsure why judges have been setting less of these types of bonds. They come in handy when a bail is set at a large amount. They take longer than a surety bail bond, posted by a bail bondsman due to the fact the court needs to verify equity in property. The property taken is normally a house that the county tax assessor has access to put a lien on.


Unfortunately bail bondsman need bail bond premium to post your loved ones bail. 99% of the time bail can be secured without collateral. This question is asked frequently because when bail is posted on a movie they don’t have accurate reenactment of how bail works. We hope this article has help you understand why money is always required to post a bail bond. For more information on bail bonds and how bail works check out our FAQ page.

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