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Complete bail bond documents from your smartphone, tablet, or computer through e-sign.

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The Bail City team has live agents available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Including all major holidays.

Secure Bail Bonds

Bail City makes securing a bail bond easy and simple. We also offer flexible payment options to get your loved one out.

The Process of a Bail Bond

Get Qualified

Call us to get qualified to sign for the bond and get online bail bonds.


Once bail bonds documents have been completed make payment on invoice.

Jail Process

Once bail has been paid our local bail bondsman will post bond at the jail.

Bail Bonds

A bail bond is formally known as a "surety bond". Don't panic, our bail bond agency can help you through your situation, no matter how serious it may seem. Our mission is to provide a bail bond service to everyone with a hassle free experience. The bail bonds process is unknown to most and confusing, but having us as your bail bond provider will make everyone involved have a full understanding of what to expect and what's going on. When you call, you speak to a bondsman and set up a bail bond agreement. We pride in keeping our clients updated on what steps need to be taken to have a quick release for your friend or family member currently incarcerated. Bail City has taken the bail bond process into modern day time with having clients be able to complete the entire process online. Let the Bail City team do all the heavy lifting by making this process simple and easy. Reach out and speak to our highly trained staff to see how easy bail bonds truly can be.

Twenty-four Hour Bail Bondsman Available

Bail City Bail Bondsman are available 24 hours a day. Our bail bondsman always want to give our clients unparalleled service that no other bail bondsman can offer. From start to finish, we can guarantee you will be confident that you made the right choice by choosing us as your bail bondsman. Our success is measured only in our clients success. At Bail City we are all on the same team and want the best outcome for you.

Bail City Denver - 1988

The Bail City team has only the best bail bondsman. Our bail experts have a vast amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to explaining bail and making our clients feel highly educated when posting a bond. Many times the bail process is unknown to clients, let our professional bail bondsman help. Find out more about us

Bail City understands that having a loved one get arrested is not easy. We are here to help you out in this stressful time. We have bail bondsman available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Including all major holidays to insure we can get your loved one back home. Get Started

Bail City has been the preferred bail bonds company since the late 1980s. With that being said we are here to stay. We  strive to only serve our clients the best we can. Read more

With having agents and bail bond office across the United States. Bail City is proud to say we are on our way to be one of the largest bail bonds retailers in the nation. Come see us at one of our bail bonds locations near you. View our locations

We understand having to post bail is an unexpected expense. We are here to help by offering the lowest rates and flexible payment arrangements the are custom fit to your needs. 

Meet the Bail City Team
Alec Spensieri has been a bail bondsman since 2016. Alec handles all large bail bonds. He moves mountains when it comes to putting large bonds together when other agencies cannot. Alec is also in charge of doing new state start-ups for Bail City.
Alec Spensieri
President - Bail Agent
Carter Spensieri has been a bail bondsman since 2017. Carter has unmatched customer service with all his clients. He takes the time to explain from start to finish on the bail bonds process. Carter is also in charge of all bail bond forfeitures.
Carter Spensieri
Vice President - Bail Agent
Cole Spensieri has been a bail bondsman since 2017. Cole manages the bail bondsman underwriting team members. His mission is to be able to make sure all potential bail clients are receiving the best service possible by our team.
Cole Spensieri
Lead Underwriter - Bail Agent
Cooper Dean has been a bail bondsman since 2020. Cooper handles all of the marketing for our bail bonds agency. From web development to print ads. He also is charge of all the promotions Bail City runs on social media platforms.
Cooper Dean
Marketing Director - Bail Agent