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Who We Are

Bail City Bail Bonds strives to be the industry leader by changing the way the bail has been secured in the past. Bail bonds should be simple, and obtainable for all. We offer bail bonds completely online to speed that bail process. Bail City is the future of bail bonds and wants to serve you the best we can.

We give our clients that extra personal touch to bring light to an unfortunate situation. 

Meet The Bail City Bail Bonds Team

Alec Spensieri

President - Bail Agent

(303) 300-2245

Alec Spensieri has been a bail bondsman since 2016. Alec handles all large bail bonds. He moves mountains when it comes to putting large bonds together when other agencies cannot. Alec is also in charge of doing new state start-ups for Bail City.

Carter Spensieri

Vice President - Bail Agent

(970) 999-2806

Carter Spensieri has been a bail bondsman since 2017. Carter has unmatched customer service with all his clients. He takes the time to explain from start to finish on the bail bonds process. Carter is also in charge of all bail bond forfeitures.

Cole Spensieri

Lead Underwriter - Bail Agent


Cole Spensieri has been a bail bondsman since 2017. Cole manages the bail bondsman underwriting team members. His mission is to be able to make sure all potential bail clients are receiving the best service possible by our team.